See step by step to help mens hairline.

Today toupees to help hair loss.

Men’s hair replacement – Toupees

Man weave Tutorial 2

Man weave Tutorial 1

Some men start losing hair in their teen’s and decide to use non surgical procedure.

Argan plus duo pack

Shampoo: Gently cleanses while restoring moisture to dry, damaged and colour treated hair
Renews cell structure, boosts body and enhances shine
Conditioner: Infused with botanicals. Rich in fatty acids and proteins
Leaves hair soft, smooth and easy to style
Colour safe – enhances colour

The shampoo and conditioner can be used on all type of hair and on hair extensions.
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Root enegizer scalp oil

This is know as MOT for your scalp.
It helps to thicken and nourish your scalp. It can be used on relaxed and natural hair.

ORS Hairpair Silkening serum

Helps reduce drying time and provides protection from thermal styling tools. Leave hair smooth, shiny and frizz resistant and moisture.
It is enriched with Aran Oil and Coconut Oil and is great for relaxed and nautural hair